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!Death: Civ. Reg.Veterinary student - died of Pthisis after 6 mths at 22 Barrack St, Perth. 
CROMBIE, Nickel (I580)
2 !Census 1881 I think I have found her at 306 High St Perth, wid, no occ, form. nurse. with dau Ann,18, seamstress. Need to look for Ann's birth and death of James before the census to confirm.
Also 1841 census 
TAYLOR, Isabella Tollech (I91)
3 Her great grandparents and those of David's mother wereIrene Malcomlson(?) Smith - can't read address - tel 01950 477220 is the person who gave the sheet of information to David - it will all have to be checked for accuracy but will be a big help! Her greatgrandmother and David's mother's great grandmother were sisters ( Helen and Ann Strong. Not sure who Pearl is. SINCLAIR, Irene (I2127)
4 !Birth:OPR baptism. Father in Ramahaggan. Witnesses James Grant his son and David Burnett in Windsaye(?)

!1881 census at Newhills, Strachan, Kincardine, 69, retired grocer, b Birse. Almost sure this is right - prob death is the only thing that will confirm

Death: Feuer, at Newhills Cottage of apoplexia. Informant Robert Grant, Nephew, Banchory. Seems I have my confirmation. 
GRANT, Archibald (I1604)
5 !Census 1881 at Inverlaidnan, Duthil. There were 3 servants, a dom serv., ploughman and shepherd. I'm pretty sure this is right but marriage should be checked to make sure - probably in Duthil or Strathdearn and 1872 or . pointer. There is anothre John Grant, Tailor, 45 in Duthil -poss more likely However the names and the fact that there is aWilliam Russell there (John's sister had a son William Russell of just the right age) makes me feel I have the right one. GRANT, John (I658)
6 1881 census aged 3
1891 censu s With parents, 13, scholar, b Sandwick
Had 1 daughter, Lottie - from David's mother
Birth:Civ. Reg. Noness, Sandwick. Strangely parents marriage date is given as 3 jan 1861! 
DUNCAN, Thomas Stove (I2016)
7 Birth from IGI
Found on 1881 census with wife and family , seaman
Found on 1871 census with wife and family at 15 Couper St. so the family probably knew Archibald Morris Pringle all his life! 
FORMAN, Henry (I2224)
8 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. CAPELL, F.H. (I273)
9 Found on Ellis Island Records in 1919 for his son in law Charles REYNISH as "Father in Law" of Cambell Terrace of Mountain Ash FRYER, G. (I943)
10 known as Margaret DAVIDGE, Marguerite (I304)
11 ! Chimney Sweeper - father a ploughman. Wife a dressmaker. RUSSELL, Archibald (I543)
12 ! Not positive that the d and bur. dates are definitely our Margaret. Must be checked, if poss. Found only in the burial register - only fathers name mentioned, may not be ours I think there was another Daniel Glen in EH at the time (cousin?) and she may belong with him - needs clarification. GLEN, Margaret (I106)
13 ! OPR Brampton Cumberland - LDS film nos 0252842 - 47.
! Found Frances on 1841 census, but no Joseph - was he away or deceased? I looked for his deathbefore 1841 but could not find it. There was no sign of Frances in the 1851 census (deceased?) but there was a Joseph, old enough, but married to a Mary in the 1851 census. Frances was recorded as a publican in the 1841 census and this Joseph as Innkeeper and farmer, so there is a strong possibility that it is the same chap --CHECK IT.
!Address in 1851 is High (?) Cross St.
!Joseph was a carrier when his children were born. 
ARMSTRONG, Joseph (I954)
14 ! 1881 census at 32 Heriot Row, EH with the Deas family. At this point she is a laundry maid and age given as 32 tho she was nearer 50! Need to look at the original. POB is correct according to the old letter I have and the birth has been found in the OPR.

!Write to Standard life for info on death and annuity purchased for her by Dundas and Wilson. Also check Edinburgh 51 census index 
MCINTYRE, Margaret (I101)
15 ! A guess. BLACK, Elizabeth (I1776)
16 ! A John ALLIN of Lindfield is exec in Thomas STANBRIDGE's will of 1786 - see P25 ALLIN, William (I711)
17 ! a witness at Catherines wedding - I am assuming she is a sister but she could just as easily be a cousin. MCKENZIE, Rachel (I1567)
18 ! according to I.G.I. d.o.b. is 1875 - check. GLEN, Charles (I548)
19 ! Also found as Ann Gillmer. GILMOUR, Ann (I162)
20 ! Another probability - no proof yet that these are Rabiba's parents. REID, Alexander (I1720)
21 ! Auntie Lizzie said he was 16 years older than his wife.
! Mar: Civ. Reg. He was Warehouseman, Private 461855, Labour Corps, alt(?) ASC.
1901 census with parents, bookbinder's app. 
MCINTYRE, Alexander (I386)
22 ! baptism record not found in PR at SLC

!was a tailor...see page 15 of David EAST's book

! His niece Sarah stayed with him at Long Stratton from Jan 3 1780-page 7 of David EAST's book.

!mentioned in bro Thomas' will-see P40

!he was a class leader and local preacher at Long Stratton according to David EAST-page 68 
MALLET, William (I831)
23 ! Best candidate for father of Ann. Needs proving. FINDLAY, James (I1544)
24 ! Birth fom D.C. Death:Civ.Reg. Died in Royal Infirmary of metastatic carcinoma of stomach. Usual residence 17, Drumdryan St, Edinburgh. GLEN, Martha (Maisie) (I688)
25 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MOONEY, R.D. (I268)
26 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. WRIGHT, W.C.T. (I1110)
27 ! Birth: OPR In Kinadie. Wit. John Brown and Alexander Simpson in Kinadie. MILNE, Margaret (I1649)
28 ! Birth: OPR In Tombeg. Wit. William and Alexander Scott in Achrevie. MURRAY, Elizabeth (I1542)
29 ! BIRTH: the only one possible is Charles John REYNISH. Mar 1897. Pontypridd. 11a.551 -no idea who parents are but he is grandson of Jennett REYNISH in 1901 census. REYNISH, Charles John (I106)
30 ! Cemetery lot no.1198

!Birth 4Q 1847 Brampton XXV 35 
ARMSTRONG, Frances (I287)
31 ! Census 1881 I think I have found him at 32 Pomarium St, Perth. wid. 58, weaver. Need wife's death to confirm. BAXTER, John (I1069)
32 ! Census 1881 a possible at Crofters Ho Wigglehill, Monquhitter, Aberdeenshire, 39, Farmer ( of 7 ac 3 ar) and wife Elsie, 43, b Udny Abd. He is not married to Elspet Webster so this is not him. Elspet is married to a James son of Jame/Jane McGregor - mc. THIRD, James (I591)
33 ! Census 1881 I have found a Joanna S. Sangster, 48, Unm, Gen serv., b Methven at Netherplace House, Mearns, Renfrew. I believe her to be this Joanna even though the age is out. SANGSTER, Johanna S. (I833)
34 ! Census 1881Perth Rd, Eden Pl., Scone. I have found a James Taylor of about the right age with a wife Grace . He is 80 and she is 79. Look for his death to find out if he is the right one. TAYLOR, James (I118)
35 ! Census: Found family on the 1851, 61, 71and 81 censuses. Stephen was a Brick Burner, Lime Wks Lab, Brickmaker and Lab (Ag.)
Son Thomas was a Lab in 1861 and daus Hannah and Martha, aged 10 & 12 were lacemakers. The family moved frequently - 1851: Brickyard House - 1861:Watrey Lane - 1871:Visitors in Stonehill Lane with George H> and Jane A. Pinner - relatives? George and Jane were aged 50 & 51 , b in London & Floore respectively. Perhaps Jane was sister of Martha. 1881 merely Heyford village so they may no have moved again. 
EALES, Stephen (I1006)
36 ! Check GW 51 census index MCDONALD, Helen (I41)
37 ! chr not found in PR at SLC

!her married name is FARRER in Thomas MALLITT's will - she is deceased by 1813 - see P40 
MALLET, Elizabeth (I834)
38 ! Chr:IGI LOW, Jane (I1232)
39 ! Chr:IGI LOW, William (I1219)
40 ! Dau. Jessie (Janet) was born before the marr. date. Is she a child of his by a previous marriage - an illegitimate child of hers or a child of her's by a previous marriage? Try Grantown where Isabella was from.

!Died at Lynchurn. Source:Civ.Reg. Cause of death bronchitis (about a week).

!He was a farmer.

!Birth: IGI There was a William b to John Grant and Janet McDonald 26 Apr 1785 - was this my William and mother's name an error? The only one b about the right time in Duthil - there was another in Urquhart but wife was Janet Cameron. I enter it as a best guess. 
GRANT, William (I347)
41 ! DEAF (and DUMB) REYNISH, Margaret (I24)
42 ! DEATH also in June Qtr 1874 of Edith Rose BROOKS. Malling 2a 284 aged 0 BROOKS, Mary Ann (I762)
43 ! Death: Civ. Reg. at 9 Tolbooth Wynd, Canongate of congenital syphilis. GLEN, Ann Ross (I167)
44 ! Did he have 2 previous marriages? Laurence Taylor marr Ann Robb 5 Apr 1782 in Perth and Laurence Taylor marr Ann Rutherford 5 Aug 1785 in Tibbermore, Perthshire. Laurence Taylor is not at all a common name.

!Birth: OPR This is the only Laurence I can find and is a strong possibility. However this cannot be the same person who had the above two marriages. Needs more checking.

!There are 2 possible deaths in the Perth Bur. reg. One 17 Nov 1826 bur 19th aged 63 of Runing (sic) in the leg and the other 11 Jun 1830 bur. 14th aged 64, wever (sic), of Asmay (sic). It shows there were 2 Laurence Taylors but which is mine? Both are out quite a bit as regards age if I have the correct birth - but have I ?. This needs looking into. Both were also Lurance!

! Was there a David b 2 Feb 1800, Dundee? Seems barely possible. Also was there another John in 1796? Check both of these out - neither were found in Highlands 1881 census 
TAYLOR, Laurence (I72)
45 ! died before 1851 as she is not in that census in Llandeilo with the rest of the family.

!BAPTISM: St Thomas, H'west. address. Maudling Hill. Father's occ. Millwright 
REYNISH, Elizabeth Maria (I557)
46 ! Executor to uncle Frederick William REYNISH's will circa 1928

!TNA - ADM188/521 shows him to have been a ships boy? from Jun 1901 to Jul 1905 having signed on for 12 years but he was dismissed as medically unfit in 1905 and by 1911 census is a shipwright in Pembroke Dock. 
DAWKINS, Arthur Reynish (I751)
47 ! Found her on 1851 census of Perth - she is very probably from this family - check it out. It is also possible that she is a dau of Charles. Have not foumd her birth - her DC will confirm parentage - always suppoing ahe died in civ. reg.! SANGSTER, Grace (I888)
48 ! Has been found as Gin Cambel. Was age 32 at death.

!She was from the Parish of Kinfauns on the Marriage entry - I had it labelled as Kinfauns -should be checked out just in case that was right!

!Birth: OPR index - is it Kinfauns? There was another b in Perth in 1843 but since the Marr entry says she is "of Kinfauns" I think I am right in choosing that one. 
CAMPBELL, Jean (I160)
49 ! He died at Mar Lodge where he was under-gardener. He had a son Peter- d 25 Oct 1863,also at Mar Lodge- who was 2nd footman to Lord Fife.

!Marr: name spelled Lamond. I'm not sure if it is my mistake or not but I have written Helen Thoms for his wife's name - check that. He was in the par of Rattray, she in Blairgowrie. This ia a marriage not a proclamation.

!Found in 1881 census at Inverey, Crathit with 3 unm. sons look for death to confirm - 81 in 81 
LAMONT, Donald (I113)
50 ! He possibly married Mary Gordon 12 Sept 1825 and had a son Andrew baptised 12 May 1828.

! The RC register has his dob as 31 Feb and Christening 11 Feb 1803 - I think this clerk had some difficulties with the calendar!

! Census 1881 At Gatehouse, Abernethy and Kincardine, Inverness there is an Andrew Lamond79, wid, b Crathie. I believe it to be this man. He is with Mary Stuart, 49, wid, b Abernethy and her dau Helen, 10, b Crathie. He is Mary's father. Look for death of Andrew and birth of Helen. They should give more information. 
LAMOND, Andrew (I112)

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